Sunday, September 20, 2015

Class Notes on Photos & Videos

In addition to the class notes that follow, I have prepared detailed instructions on how to digitize all family memories here:
How to Preserve Your Own Digital Materials

PREPARATION - Bring pictures, scrap box, framed photo, negatives, scrapbook, etc.

  1. Make a list of all the "stuff" you're saving for family history --
Photos, Videos, Snapchats, FB Posts, Blogs, Selfies, Old Home Movies, Documents, Certificates, Report Cards, Kindergarten Art, Family pictures, vacation videos
  1. Highlight the Pictures

Begin with the end in mind - What do you want to do with each one? Each group?
PRESERVE / ORGANIZE - Acid free paper, CD / DVD, photos / negatives, slides - long lasting (cool, dry)
  • Multiple locations
  • Never one hard drive or one cloud
  • Online / Cloud
    • Filesharing (Google Drive, MS One Drive, Dropbox,
      • Mirroring, autobackup
    • Photos (Snapfish, Picasa,
    • Filenaming (future generations, organizing)
    • Albums (deconstruct, reconstruct?)

INCORPORATE - Tie to family tree, Crest, (FamilySearch handout)

SHARE - Throwback Thursday, Jigsaw Puzzle, Mosaic, Greeting Card, Coloring Book, Online Sharing Apps (Handout / comparison)
  • Digitize (DPI/pixels, format, size (dimension & file)),
  • Photo Scanning (Allen's, Costco, Family History Center) Photocopy?
  • Access, View, Edit (Professional to Amateur - Photoshop, Picasa,
  • Printed photobooks

NO "ALL-IN-ONE" SOLUTION - May have to use multiple methods


Covert old VHS to DVD
  • Store online (at least in two places
  • Use source closest to original (8mm if you have them)

Save original - work/edit/clip/color correct copies

Frame grab photos (or take original film (8mm) to Allen's for enlargement)

Have a family movie night where everybody brings their oldest videos and serve popcorn

.VOD - Rip

Demonstrate Premiere Pro

Collect videos from phone & categorize / share online - Smugmug

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