Monday, August 15, 2011

So Great a Cause Celebration

This coming Saturday, August 13, the stake will be having the “So Great A Cause” celebration. The stake presidency has encouraged and invited each of us to export our great capacity by sharing talents, testimony and service throughout the world. Each member of the stake is invited to participate in this event that afternoon and evening in celebration of “Building the Kingdom of God” by individuals, families and wards in the stake. 

Each of us has had some influence in spreading the good news of the gospel in some form or another. Many have served in humanitarian service projects locally and abroad, others have served missions sharing the gospel, still others have served in the military and been examples to those not of our faith. Some have shared their testimonies on websites like, facebook, or on blogs.

Setting a goal for exporting our blessings to others throughout the world can and should be an ongoing change of heart leading us to bless the lives of others. We can perform kind acts of service where people will feel our love and concern for them. We can share experiences that have strengthened our testimonies and led us to feel closer to our Savior. We can assist someone who is serving a mission. As our stake presidency has encouraged, we should “prayerfully consider” and then, as prompted by the Spirit, act upon those promptings and “contribute to ‘Building the Kingdom of God’” and bless those we are inspired to help. As discussed in last Sunday’s meeting, there are many ways we can follow this council and each of us will be blessed as we put forth our efforts.

The upcoming celebration will be a celebration to be remembered. A time capsule will be placed and sealed, then opened at the 50th anniversary of the creation of the stake. There will be activities for all ages including activities and games, talent shows, testimony building displays and events, dinner and treats, and will culminate with a production that will inspire and uplift each person attending. We hope each family will make time to attend this celebration and accept the challenge to export the great capacity you have been blessed with.