Sunday, October 26, 2014

Please don't let the following list of resources overwhelm you. This post is intended to be a collection of all resources used in our Family History Class. It is doubtful that you will actually use more than a handful of these great resources on your own. They are simply provided here so you can know where to find all resources used in class in one simple place.

TOOLS & RESOURCES TO GET YOU STARTED - leverages information to find cousins - an annual conference with great speakers, genealogy experts, and great tips on how to get started. Some videos from previous years are available online.


  1. Learning Center -
  2. Learn about Family History ( -
  3. Beginning Genealogy Courses - Complete series of 5-Minute Videos -
  4. Family History Topics -


  1. Learning Center -
  2. First Steps -
  3. Next Steps -
  4. What's New -
  5. Family History Wiki -

Family History Centers

Main - Family History Library 35 North West Temple (801) 240-2584

Family History Consultants

Stake - Kevin & Shauna Robins
Ward - Tracey Bryant, Sydney Garner, Doug Jessop, Annie Page, Austin Phelps

Software and Mobile Apps